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Sandinismo 2.0

Now that Ortega is back, how is the revolution going? Nicaraguans are being shot, hauled off and denied medical services, while the president's coffers swell. A how-to kit, on how to steal democracy.  

Liberation Day, Nicaragua!

We have Independence Day, and for Nicaraguans Liberation Day is just as important.  Celebrated July 19, this is the day the Sandinistas overthrew the Somoza dynasty in 1979.  But what really is a Sandinista, and what's up with their leader...

Bromance? Trump and Brazil’s Bolsonaro

Peas in a pod?  Or something much more complex?  As it happens, each country is different, even if each would-be strong man looks much the same.  Join Tom Shannon and Melvin Levitsky for an expert look at a fascinating polity. Part of...

Chavez Gives Pete Four Pinocchios

The Chavez/Maduro kleptocracy in Venezuela masquerades as a people's revolution.  Almost two decades later, millions flee en masse.  Pete was there when it all began and explains why Venezuela is suddenly all over the news.

Hysteria or Reality? China in Panama

What do Teddy Roosevelt, China, and the band Afrodisiaco all have in common?  Panama!  Learn why concerns that Pete once thought were partisan paranoia might be a serious, unrecognized source of concern today.  

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