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A Life of Significance

file | Play in new windowWhat’s so important about devoting your life to service?  What are the rewards?  How have the changing times impacted the work of diplomacy, and how have they not?  One thing never changes:  You have the opportunity to...

Diplomatic Immunity?

file | Play in new windowIs immunity the same as impunity? Sadly for some, there are always consequences for a bad act. David Stewart, former State Department attorney, explains the reality.

When Ambassadorships Are for Sale

file | Play in new windowSondland, the Ukraine affair, and what this episode in history teaches us about the risks of appointing ambassadors who donate heavily to presidential campaigns. With Ambassador Dennis Jett, author of the new book titled...

When ISIS Comes Home

file | Play in new windowThey left to join the recruiter-imams’ war. Now they’re back home in Kosovo. How to make these young men peace-loving Kosovars once more? Ambassador Greg Delawie explains. Our guest is Ambassador (ret.) Gregory...

Estonia’s Success Story

Mike Polt, who previously shared his experience in Serbia, shares a contrasting tale of successful adaptation to new circumstances in Estonia.  What can we learn from these two tales?

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